vrijdag 25 september 2009

Export to Excel - AX2009

This article describes how the Export to Excel function works under the hood in AX 2009.

RunBaseBatch - Methods sequence of events

This article explains the sequence in which methods are called in RunBaseBatch.

donderdag 24 september 2009

String formatting - the .NET way

In AX, it is possible to format strings the .NET way.
On MSDN for AX, in the strFmt article, an example is given:
s = System.String::Format("{0:##.####}", sysDouble);

See the .NET Framework Class Library String::Format Method (String, Object) article on MSDN for more information.
On MSDN, you can find more information about formatting on the following links:

woensdag 23 september 2009

Report design - Layers - inaccessable item in visual layout editor

In the visual representation a report design, there was a Shape element that had a String element inside.
I could not click the String element to see its properties, because every time I clicked it, the Shape element was selected.
It seems that they are layered, where the Shape elemement is on top of the String element.
In the AOT, the sequence was:
Shape element
String element
When the order in the AOT was changed to this:
String element
Shape element
then the String element was selectable.

The sequence of the elements in the AOT determines which item is on top.
The top item in the AOT is on the top layer in the visual layout editor.
The bottom item in the AOT is on the bottom layer in the visual layout editor.