dinsdag 6 oktober 2009

Table relation or Extended Data Type relation: which one is used?

Extended Data Type (EDT) definition:

Table Definition:

Field ADUEmplInventBuyerGroup.ItemBuyerGroupId  has ETD=ItemBuyerGroupId.

Table Browser for ADUEmplInventBuyerGroup: (in dutch)

When we right-click on field ItemBuyerGroupId > Go To Main Table Form.
Which table will be openened?
Will AX follow the EDT defined on the field and open table InventBuyerGroup?
Or will AX choose a table defined in the relations on ADUEmplInventBuyerGroup (InventBuyerGroup or VendTable) ?

The answer is:
AX always first looks at the relations defined on the table, and then on the EDT.
If however there is an ambiguous definition (= multiple relations are defined on the field), then AX follows the relation on the EDT.

In a flowchart:

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