vrijdag 6 augustus 2010

Remember network passwords after reboot (Vista home premium)

Source: http://www.osnn.net/windows-desktop-systems/88876-vista-home-premium-remember-network-passwords-after-reboot.html

Hi, I was having the same issue as you, and I was using Vista Ultimate 64bits,

I got it to work by doing this:

1 - Reboot the computer
2 - After you log it will say your mapped drive couldn't be connected and stuff.... ok
3 - Go into Control Pannel, User Accounts, Network Passwords, and add the \\server\share, with the username & password you want
4 - Open My Computer, and access your mapped drive
5 - Reboot the computer

After this, all the time windows boots up it shall reconnect without that f*cking message again

Notice: Its important to do the steps as described because if you only add the server password into the Network Passwords but you don't use it, windows will not store it and will not remember the password the next time you boot.


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